The intricacies of male escort jobs

male escort jobsThe one thing I love about male escort jobs is the lack of protocols. There are people who want to do certain jobs because they love the jobs but cannot because they lack one academic qualification or the other. This is usually a source of frustration because if they take up any other jobs, they may not do them with their hearts because the love is lacking.

I didn’t have a much basic education. Judging by the standards of the regular employment scheme, I would have been a colossal failure or afford just enough to keep me afloat. However, that was not the reason why I took up male escort jobs. I did it out of pure admiration and curiosity for the line of work.

I am the kind of person that loves giving back to my society. I have volunteered to a couple of events in the past and will continue to as much as my time and schedule permit. I recall one of the times when I was a part of disaster relief team to provide succour to the community that has been hit by a devastating wind.

From childhood, I noticed that being in a position where I help people feel better made me feel complete and responsible. I wasn’t the very intelligent type and had to struggle through some point in college until I decided I have had enough. That was when I quit. I dropped out. I am not a regular quitter, but I also was tired of dragging my mind through the torture.

When I discovered male escort jobs, the first thing that came to my mind was the opportunity to help lonely women get into a better mood. That was the thing that struck me the most. It is true that money came along the way, but it was far from my primary motivation.  Probably, this may be the reason why I stand out from other escorts.

I have always known that depression is the lead cause of suicide and mass shootings. And women are more prone to becoming depressed than men. This is made evident in their mood swings. Serving as a male escort has helped me to stop many of my clients from taking the path of suicide during their trying times.

I often find myself using my life stories to motivate my clients and talk them out of their depressing and hopeless state. There was this particular lady who was planning a “Last Dinner” after which she would get over with her life. Luckily, she hired me to be a part of her small goodnight party.

I didn’t know about her intentions, but after spending two hours with her chatting and laughing, she had a change of mind. She actually hired me a second time, and we visited a few beautiful places. It was during our tour that she opened up to me that she intended to kill herself after our last meeting but I had given her a reason to hang on.

This is just one of the numerous incidences that further makes me appreciate male escort jobs and see it from a direction different from what a good proportion of the population think about the escorting industry. I think it is all due to ignorance if not, it is easy to see that the escort industry means well.

Male escort jobs come with its challenges too. Since it was easy for me to get in without any form of qualification, I had to work pretty hard to remain relevant in the industry. There are weeks when I get less than twenty hours of sleep. This is because there is a lot to learn.

I also have to be in the gym as early as 5:30 am to attend my fitness regimen. There is a popular saying that you can’t give what you don’t have. This saying is very relevant for anyone dabbling into male escort jobs.

You have to surround yourself with positivity in order to make your clients positive about their situation. I read as much as 3 to 4 motivational books every year because it helps me to connect with my clients.

There is no way you can educate your clients on the benefits of keeping fit when you are looking like an inflated ball. It doesn’t work at all. It also helps to ask potential clients a few questions to have an idea of their background and intentions. This will help you to provide a personalised service to them.

When people hear “male escort” some ideas pop into their head. They may not be entirely wrong in their thoughts but what I do know is that in 95 percent of the cases they don’t have the complete picture about male escort jobs or the intricacies of the industry. It is usually more complex than what they think.

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