My personal encounter with London male escorts

London male escortsThere is a popular saying that he who fails to plan is planning to fail. That is not always true. There are times when it is better not to plan at all so that you will keep an open mind to adventure. London is one of my best cities in the world. The only thing I love more than London is London male escorts. Those guys are amazing. If you are aiming to have a nice time in this city, then you need to start considering hiring one. Walking with a professional is almost a guarantee that you would have ample fun.

Coming to London has always been a childhood dream. When I saw the movie “London Has Fallen”, I was personally touched because of the love I have for the city. I quickly and quietly pray that such should never happen.

The only problem I had when I finally decided to come over to London for a weeklong vacation was that I was coming alone and I risked having a boring vacation if I didn’t find anyone to share the fun with. I considered going with a friend, but I didn’t have the money to take care of another person’s bill. I took a leap of fate and headed to London.

The air around the city was exhilarating. It smelled of nothing, unlike most big cities that will choke your breath with the smell of pollution. I stepped out of the car and spread my arms and took in ample air till my lungs were full. Then I exhaled with a bold smile. I don’t know how long my chauffeur has been watching but when I turned around and met his gaze he smiled.

“Any plans for tonight?” he asked,

“My mind is as blank as nothingness,” I responded. My face paled immediately, “Do you have suggestions?” His question brought back the reality that loomed ahead of me which was made worse by my lack of a plan.

He thought for a while. “I would have taken you around to see a couple of places but I promised my kids I would be with them this night. I am sorry.”

I sighed and sunk my weight into the chair. “You should try London male escorts. Those guys are really good,” he said as he helped me bring out my bags from the trunk of the car. As he helped me down the hotel door, he explained more about London male escorts and how I could go about it.

I thanked him and bade him goodbye as his car kicked into the street and disappeared into the horizon. The moment I got to my hotel room, I flipped open my laptop and began to search for London male escorts. If I had a plan – even the slimmest and most miserable plan –, I probably wouldn’t have been thinking of this.

It didn’t take me long to find an archive of them. The hiring process was sleek, nothing complex. I dropped my address and waited. The moment I heard a knock on the door I knew it was my escort who had come for me because I was not expecting anyone else, not even room service.

He had a charming smile, and his choice of words and voice nailed it for me. He was huge and muscular. He is the right type of guy I would be proud to show off to my friends.

“What’s your plan for the night?” he said after all the pleasantries.

“I really have nothing in mind,” I said.

“Sure, you can leave that to me. Just get dressed. Make it seductive.”

I laughed as I walked away to do as I was told. He wore a black tuxedo with a bow tie like someone going for a dinner. I decided to complement his look by putting on my red gown with spots of black décor. We stepped out of the hotel looking like a love-struck couple. The stare, the admiration we got, and the compliment were crazy. They made my head to swirl.

This dude had a wild sense and imagination. For the time we spent together, he actually treated me like his wife. From chatting and laughing at the dinner table to screaming on the rollercoaster and then walking hand in hand down the street.

I was thankful for not having a prior plan in the first place. Then I was thankful for the driver that suggested London male escorts to me. I was thankful for many things. Having discovered the secret to having a memorable time in London, the rest of my stay was characterised by the presence of one escort or another.

I learned a whole lot in my one week stay in London, but I knew the long-awaited vacation would have been a disaster if I had not met London male escorts.

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