The relevance of male escorting service in my generation

male escortingWhen I was in my early teen ages, I looked forward to having a boyfriend. Now that I am twenty, I prefer the company of men from male escorting services. “What has changed?” you may ask. Well, I used to think it was a personal opinion until I found out that most of my friends are following the trend.

The truth is that let’s say eighty percent of guys out there, think the relationship is all about sex. When you give it too much, they want to have a taste of other ladies. When you don’t give at all, they use it as an excuse to dump you for the next available lady. Either way, we girls are on the losing end. This complexity is why many young adults now prefer to use male escorting services to having a boyfriend.

Guys should know that what matters most to a lady isn’t sex. Most times we just need the companionship of the guy. Ladies need someone to listen to their endless tales. We need someone to make us feel secure when we walk on the streets. A large proportion of girls in this generation, like myself, loves to party. When I arrive at a party, I usually don’t like a random guy hitting on me because some are ill-mannered which is why I like to come with my guy.

These are some of the things that matter to us which guys do not know. A friend of mine, Jane, once made a joke about the situation. We laughed about it but unfortunately, she was telling the truth. She said,

“Once a guy is good in bed he claims he can treat a lady right”.

I have been in and out of several relationships in the past two years. Unlike many girls out there who may want to manage a guy even when they are sure he is not the type of guy she wants, I don’t. It irks me that many girls are into relationships just to make them look relevant.

For me, once I stay with a guy for a month – sometimes less – and I discover he has some characters I cannot cope with, I leave. I have seen the dangers of abusive relationships, and they usually start with minor disagreements.

After many months of being single, I decided to give a relationship a try again. I met Phil. He was everything I needed in a guy; tall, handsome, dresses nice and smells nice too. I was always eager to show him off to my friends.

Then I noticed that he was not the fun type of person. He preferred staying indoors and chatting over the phone than face to face conversation. I don’t know why. Even when we spend time together, he said little, and I often feel lonely in his presence. It was an odd feeling. I tried hard to try to get used to it but I couldn’t. He couldn’t adjust too so we separated.

Saying goodbye to Phil was not easy because he was a nice and ambitious guy. Since the end of that episode, I have vowed not to allow my heart to go through such again. It was after the incident that I discovered male escorting.

For more than a month after I parted ways with Phil I remained gloomy. I don’t want to say depressed because I dislike the work, but I am sure that was what I felt. My loneliness increased, and I often regretted letting Phil go because the loneliness I felt around him was far less than what I felt now – so what was my rationale?

I desperately needed a male companion, but I didn’t want someone I would be so attached to anymore. I wanted a scene where the guy will be there to take away my loneliness, chat with me and listen to my dry humour or escort me to parties where we would have fun together.

I never knew I could have that until I discovered male escorting services. At first, I was sceptic about the possibility of being free around a guy who you can as well regard as a total stranger. When I hired the first male escort, I had little expectations. “Once he could hold a conversation, he should be able to help me feel less lonely,” I thought.

The companionship I got was top notch, and he was a great talker. He even helped me with chores around the house. Since then, I have been addicted to male escorting services. I rarely feel bored these days except I am out of cash to hire.

I often define male escorting service as having the perfect companionship  for a while. I hope a day would come when I would have this sort of companionship forever.

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